Have you ever found yourself thinking about who you would call first in an emergency situation? The truth is… an Emergency always catches us off guard. You should have a panic button on your phone, and here’s why!

1: We live in South Africa:
We can all agree that we live in a very beautiful country with fantastic weather, but unfortunately, we can also agree that our beautiful country has become a crime hotspot. We are no longer safe, and we need to be equipped with an effective emergency response.

2: Emergencies are not only crime-related:
Have you saved the necessary contact numbers for the police and ambulance in the case of an accident on the freeway or injury at home? Do you know who to contact first?

3: Do your kids know what to do in an Emergency?
When you have a panic button on your phone, you can show your kids how to use it, if an emergency situation should happen and you are unable to use the button yourself.

4: SA-SOS Emergency response button costs less than a large pizza:
For only R79 pm you will have an entire emergency response unit at your disposal and peace of mind. Never again will you have to scroll through your contact list to find the correct person to call.

5: Our phones never leave our side:
Having a panic button on your phone means you will always have it with you, because let’s be honest, we never leave the house without our phones. Having the panic button on your phone also means that you don’t have to carry around a second device/remote, it’s all in one.

This is not a nice to have, but a necessity.

Download your panic button here: Apple; Google Play

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