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Although there are companies that allow you to alert them during times of emergency, you still have to contact them and explain the nature of your emergency and your location.

With SA-SOS you have security at hand with the push of a button – No explanations needed.

SA-SOS is a first in the country and is leads the way because the App uses the latest geo-tagging technology which works quickly by sending signals to the closest private security response vehicle in your vicinity, roadside assist or medical assistance.

The SA-SOS network of Private Security and Ambulance Service Providers are registered and highly trained.

At a small monthly premium, per person/device, SA-SOS provides security, roadside assistance and medical response.



SOS APP automatically sends private medical response assistance, and your exact location, the moment you press that button.

Roadside Assistance

-Running out of fuel
-Mechanical and electrical breakdown
-Tyre change service
-Keys locked in the vehicle

Take me home

Take me Home is a designated driver service that ensures that you always arrive home safely after a night out with the added convenience of having your vehicle safely driven home for you.

What does SA-SOS offer you?

Benefits of SA-SOS

Armed Response

In a life threatening situation we can guarantee your safety with our Armed Response we can always guarantee your safetey

Medical Response

Always have peace of mind that in a situation where medical care is needed we can get to you at the push of a button

Roadside Assistance

If you ever have a situation where you run out of fuel, have a flat tire or anything car related we can get to you wherever you are!