Make Sure you Can Alert Someone In An Emergency

Shadow Safe™ Bluetooth Panic Button The Shadow Safe™ Bluetooth Panic button offers a tailormade solution for personal security. In an emergency situation, the Shadow Safe™ panic button enables the user to act swiftly and alert contacts and back-up response for emergency assistance.

How does Shadow Safe™ work?

When in an emergency, press your Shadow Safe panic button and get assistance.

  • The Shadow Safe panic button communicates with your smartphone via the mobile application to perform specific functions.
  • In case of emergency, the user needs to press the button where after an emergency alert will be activated.  An emergency message will be sent to 5 chosen contacts and the SA-SOS emergency centre, reflecting directly on their system.  
  • Included in the emergency alert message are the user’s name, contact number and GPS coordinates of his location. The user can get assistance within seconds.

Functionalities and unique features

 The unique, patented design of the Shadow Safe panic button prevents the user from pressing the button by accident with the button, easily accessible behind a slider cap.

  • Stealth (hidden) connection – Can not intercept or break Bluetooth connection when paired to a specific mobile phone
  • Automatic connection / reconnection with mobile phone
  • Saved panic – when out of Bluetooth range, the panic alert will be kept on memory for 12 hours after the button was pressed.  When the phone and device come into Bluetooth range, the panic alert will be processed to send the message
  • Vibration feedback for comfort to know that message was send
  • Extended battery life – CR2032 battery with estimated lifespan of ±ׅ6 months