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According to Statistics – SA, right now crime conditions in South Africa is high, by worldwide standards and overall criminal activity is still significantly high.

The concentration of serious crime in South Africa remains high in densely populated cities, focused more intensely un urban, and suburban areas. Although Public Services, in the forms of the South African Police Service, and Public Healthcare Emergency Responce exists, resources are limited. “High Spike” times of the day and week (for example, Friday nights), result in overburdened public services that are often overwhelmed, slowing response-time.

Right now, SA-SOS provides a “safety-net” for users by supplementing these services with fast acting provate service-providers. Although private home-security has become standard feature for many middle-class South African families, SA-SOS seeks to expand that level of security to external, public environment, integrated on a National basis.

The benefits include peace of mind when you, or your loved-ones travel, a lighter load on public services and faster, more  effective mitigation of overall criminal activity in cities.

Armed Response.
All agents are equipped with the necessary resources to react to a crisis situation (e.g. firearms, body armor, tracking devices as well as cellular phones and a closed-line radio system).



  • There is a term used by paramedics and doctors… “the golden hour”. It refers to the first hour after a physically traumatic, or possibly fatal injury. The Golden Hour is the time in which the most effective lifesaving interventions can be applied. Depending on the severity of the injury, the chances of survival diminish with every minute that passes, becoming more and more unlikely as time passes.
  • Immediate medical response is absolutely vital in the event of a severe injury, as the timing very often means the difference between life and death. The SA-SOS APP automatically sends private medical response assistance, and your exact location, the moment you press that button.
  • Highly trained and extremely dedicated operators, make immediate informed decisions about the nature and extent of the call. Sophisticated dispatching software, mapping technology and medical databases allow the staff to provide a seamless service to emergency and non-emergency callers.

Emergency Medical Response to the scene of a Medical Emergency:

In the event of a medical emergency, an appropriate route will be undertaken to dispatch an ambulance or a rapid response vehicle, immediately to the scene of a medical emergency where appropriate lifesaving support will be provided where relevant, the member will be stabilised before transportation is provided to the closest and most appropriate medical facility either by Road or Air.

Medical Transportation by Ground or Air Ambulance:

In the event of a Medical Emergency, we will arrange Emergency Medical Transportation by Road or Air under appropriate medical supervision, if necessary, to the nearest medical facility capable of providing adequate care.

Emergency Medical Advice and Assistance Hotline:

Personnel shall be available 24-hours a day to provide general medical information and advice.
This is an advisory service, as a telephonic conversation does not permit an accurate diagnosis. In addition to the general medical advice service, one call to 0861 104 222 will trigger the medical operators to guide a person through a medical crisis situation, involving the member by providing emergency advice or by organising for the member to receive the support required, utilising the 24-hour Contact Centre Doctor.

Ambulance Service

SA-SOS has tapped into the entire South African footprint of Ambulance service providers and have service legal agreements in place with all the private ambulance service providers. All these service providers are registered with the BHF organisation and complies with all requirements as set out in the BHF specifications, HPCSA requirements and legislation as well as the Department of Health’s requirements.

We have also established working relationships with all the provincial services to assist in situations where no private ambulances are available in a specific area of each province.

This Service includes referrals to Crisis lines, in case of:

Suicide Hotline – Life line

• Telephonic Trauma Counselling

• Poison Hotline


Ambulance responce
Medical assistance


Service Benefits

Incident limits as per client specifications.

Trained case managers.

Roadside Assistance

Services are fully customisable in terms of:

Geographical area covered within the borders of SA.

Use of SA-SOS’s entire independent accredited panel of service providers

Members have access to the following benefits:

Running out of fuel

10l of fuel is supplied in the event of running out of fuel – max 2 incidents per annum;

Fuel assistance at non-roadside locations will be assisted but on a member to pay basis.

Mechanical and electrical breakdown

A towing service is provided to tow the vehicle to the nearest place of repair or safekeeping.

An additional tow will be provided in the event of the most appropriate place of repair not being open at the time.

Tyre change service

A service provider is dispatched to change a flat tyre.

If the vehicle is not fitted with a spare tyre or the necessary tyre changing equipment, the vehicle can be towed on a Member to Pay basis.

Any costs for the repair of the tyre, parts, wheel balancing or similar charges are excluded.

Keys locked in the vehicle

A service provider is dispatched to unlock the vehicle. The cost of the call-out and 1h labour is covered.

The service excludes parts, components, key cutting costs or similar charges.

If a key has broken in the ignition or vehicle door, an appropriate service provider will be dispatched.

Should the key be lost (not locked in the vehicle), assistance is provided on a Member to Pay basis.

Jump-start Service

A service provider is dispatched to jump-start the vehicle.

The service is limited to reasonable services to mobilise the vehicle but excludes the cost of parts, & components.

If the problem cannot be resolved the vehicle will be towed to the nearest place of safekeeping (dealer).

Additional Assistance

Should the roadside incident occur more than 100 kilometres from the member’s home, the member has access to one of the following benefits, to a maximum of R500.00.

Accommodation for one night;

Arrangement of a taxi service;

Rental of a class B vehicle (valid credit card to be produced).

Cost of repatriation (towing or transportation) of the vehicle following repair, covered up to a maximum of R500.00.


Service Description

Take me Home is a designated driver service that ensures that you always arrive home safely after a night out with the added convenience of having your vehicle safely driven home for you.

Services are fully customisable in terms of:

Geographical area covered within the borders of SA.

Use of SA-SOS’s entire independent accredited panel of service providers

Members have access to the following benefits:

Members have access to 3 incidents per annum.

The service is available to members where the pick-up point and the drop-off point is within any of the following metropolitan areas and the total trip does not exceed 50 km: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth, George and Bloemfontein.

We will dispatch a vehicle with two drivers and drive the member home in their vehicle.

Designated drivers are equipped with a cellular phone and have access to a GPS.

If the member exceeds the total number of covered incidents for the period, the member can still make use of the service but the booking will be facilitated through the designated provider.

Uber driver
Security app


Tracking Secondary Users helps you to track your loved ones or workers without having to call them first. Once the SA-SOS app have been downloaded on both devices and both users have accepted you can track their location at any given time.

This service is perfect if you have children going on a school tour, workers who travel or if you want to know if someone have arrived safely at their destination.

We Will Be With Your Family Every Step Of The Way